Turn on your Brain today!

Turn on your brain and say YES to success!

What has been holding you back all these years, months, weeks? What inside of your brain has told you that you ‘can’t’ do what all along you have been equipped to do?

Within your mind, body, soul and spirit is everything you need for life, health, happiness and success.  You just need to tap into the reserves and tap into the wealth of knowledge you have gained all of these years with books, and study materials, then organize it for your benefit.

I am in the middle of reading a book by Napoleon Hill (about persuasion) and he talks about a man who has power and success. That man may not have all the knowledge in his own mind, but he knows how to get and organize the knowledge he needs with the tools that he has around him. He will also use people around him who have the knowledge he is seeking for his benefit.

You don’t have to be the most educated person in the room to be the most successful. All you need is preparation, opportunity, and the know-how to put the knowledge together to work on your behalf.

What is it that you are struggling with today?  The information is there, and probably right into your head. It’s time to get the file cabinets in your mind organized!

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Are you correctable?

Correction- do you hate it or do you embrace it? For most people, correction is not a good word. Neither is the word discipline. But in order to succeed you MUST be correctable. You must be flexible and you must know when to ask for forgiveness.

Being corrected is your step up to success. Most successful people fail their way to the top. Most successful people fail more than they have successes! The thing that differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful is the way the successful people handle failure, discipline, and correction.  And with all of these things, they grow.

In my life, I was just corrected for a mistake I made in a social media group I was a part of. Ouch. Stung. Ego hurt. Couldn’t stop thinking about the mistake that I made in front of 500+ people. I was corrected in private, but I still felt the sting of doing something wrong because I didn’t read the simple instructions! How did I react? With Grace. Thankfulness that I was corrected. Apologetic to the leader in charge. What did I receive? A simple thank you. That was the best feeling! And, a great learning experience. You can bet I won’t make the same mistake twice.

If you constantly hate correction and discipline, then correction will be terrible to you. Being corrected when you make a mistake is pretty hard to deal with but it can be used as a stepping stone to the next level. Whether or not you know it, you make corrections with your body with every single step you take. You can’t walk with one foot, can you? No-you will list to the side and fall down. So you correct with your other foot in front of you. Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it? You are making corrections all the time in your physical life.

That’s what correction is all about-reaching, tearing muscle, soreness, building up muscle to make you stronger, steadier; so embrace correction. Embrace discipline with grace. Embrace the hard things-you will grow stronger for it.

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What is YOUR story?

What is your story? Did you know that your story has power? Yes! Your story is full of the experiences that have happened to you that have shaped your life up until now. Your story is the resume of your life.

For most people, their life’s story is full of shame, regret and negative experiences that they would rather forget about. Some come from abuse; some from neglect and abandonment. How about your personal past? Your present is shaped by the top 3 emotionally charged things that happened to you-good or bad, this is part of your story and you can’t change it.

The good part about this is that you story does not have to dis-empower you. It does not have to define who you are now, or who you will be in the future. Your story does not have to hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals. For you to succeed in life, you must take steps to keep your story ON your side instead of IN your way.

Never be ashamed of your story. Because your story is the backdrop and mosaic of the painting of “you.” Maybe your canvas backdrop is black with all of the horrors you lived through. The person that you paint today over that backdrop will be a beautiful contrast to that dark canvas! You will shine and not fade into the darkness of the contrast.

Your story empowers you and who you are. It gives you the substance of your resume and qualifies you to do the thing that you want to pursue. It is the springboard to get you to heights you never imagined you would ever be. Most people really like to hear stories of triumph. SO WHAT that you went through all that crap when you were younger? No one will care about listening to your issues if you make them issues of the present. They will, however, become engaged once you incorporate your story as a part of your empowering statement and testimony of who you are today and the steps it took to get you where you are now.

So, my question to you now is, what is YOUR story?

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Occupying your mind-with the right thoughts!

I wanted to share a part of my book, “Occupy Till I come.”  Occupation is a strong word, and is a term of war. In today’s society, there is war all around us. Media, pressure to conform, poverty, economics…. All of those things war to get your attention and your time. But, we need to occupy ourselves so strongly that we are able to handle the outside forces that want to take over our lives. I hope you enjoy!

Many people are preoccupied with mindless thoughts.

The mind is one of the greatest battlefields for occupation we will ever have to fight in our lifetimes. The one who occupies the mind correctly is one who is stable. We must own that space between our ears because if we do not own our minds, our minds will be filled with corrupt and unproductive thoughts. The neurons in our brains change with the thoughts that we think; that what we set our minds to do is etched inside of our brain and our physical being changes to grow pathways and receptors to solidify the thought on which we set our minds. The brain can literally rewire itself in such a manner that makes us feel that what we are thinking is natural and right (even if it is not).  What once may have seared the conscience now feels natural because the mind has been so focused on justifying the wrong behavior as right.

Occupying your mind is more than trying to stop all thoughts of negativity as you think them. This is impossible; the mind thinks at 1500 words a minute. WHAT? That is called fast chatter.

They key to occupation? Not to try to control all thoughts going through your mind, but just the key thoughts that have emotions attached to them. You have the ability to dismiss those thoughts that come into your mind with intention, and to keep those thoughts in your mind that are productive, meaningful, and will take you where you want to go in your life. All the rest? Let them fly by and don’t internalize them.

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Dreaming Your Impossible Dream

Dreaming Your Impossible Dream

Did you know that your own mind can actually hold you back from your destiny? Many people fight against their dreams, wishes and hopes. If your dreams have become dormant, or forgotten, you are not alone.

Fully 80% or more of individuals have put their dreams and life’s purpose by the wayside because of their limiting beliefs. They limit their wishes and their seemingly ‘impossible’ dreams because of unbelief.  But, dreams are put into our lives for a reason. If there were no dreams, there would be no new inventions. We would live in a world of bland mediocrity with hardly any innovation. I don’t know about you, but I really like the inventions and innovations that have occurred that have made my life easier and more productive.

Your dreams and hopes are an invisible roadmap for the course of your life, waiting to be written down, internalized then actualized.  Humans will go great lengths to limit their lives and destroy their own dreams and desires because of lies they tell themselves or have heard from others-parents, peers, or even society norms. Fighting your limiting beliefs can be a very strong battle; actualizing your dreams is an almost always easier task. If you are defending why in your mind or to others why your dream can’t or won’t come true, you are aligning with the enemy in your life-your own self! And what you think and say will come true.

Remember-your actual physical limits are way beyond the limits you put in your own mind. So much so, you would be amazed at your what you can do with your life if you dismissed those thoughts.

Now is the time to dream again. As long as you have breath in you, there is time to reach out towards your dreams and goals-unless you choose to limit yourself in your mind. In which case, your limits will win over your dreams.

So, dream the impossible dream. Write it down. What would it take to accomplish that goal or dream? Be specific. If they are too hard to think about or write down, look at this from another angle. Pretend you are helping someone else achieve their big audacious goal. Go through the motions of writing down the steps to achieve that goal for that person you love. Then, give this wonderful gift to yourself from the one person who has the power to actualize the dream-YOU.

Don’t give power to your limits. Give power to your faith in yourself to accomplish all that you have deeply longed for your whole life.

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Your vision must be laser-focused

When I coach my clients, the number one thing that I have noticed that is holding them back from prosperity and promotion is their lack of focus on their life vision. They may be very good at what they do, have a lot of skills and knowledge, however they don’t have a solid vision and they live with blurred lines in the area of their focus.

What many people don’t know, however, is that focus is the key to increasing productivity in your area of influence.  How you manage your thoughts and your beliefs around your focus is very important. If you are not laser-like focused on what it is that you do well and your passion to do that thing, your focus will be askew and you will end up going around in circles.

A good key in finding your focus is writing. Write down your goals-what you love-your passion. What would you do for free if you had all the money in the world? You have a niche somewhere. As one of my great mentors has said, “there’s riches in the niches.” As soon as you get laser-focused and clear about what it is you love to do, and what you have an aptitude for (your skill set), you can become a giant force in your field with practice.

Once you are focused on your vision, use all of your time and energy to stay on focus. There will be many distractions along the way. People will distract you. Life will distract you. Projects will distract you. If you don’t have a perfected focus on your vision, you will end up focusing on someone else’s vision and their priorities they place upon you. You will end up scattering your focus. So protect your focus. Make sure that your focus is always getting you closer to your dreams. It is time to stop squinting, put on your focus glasses and see the future ahead of you with clarity!

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Do you have enlarged capacity for greatness?

Do you have enlarged capacity for greatness?.

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